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Camel Active

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4466424

E-mail kaubamajakas@confusecamelactive.ee



Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455966

E-mail kaubamajakas@confusecropptown.ee

homepage www.cropptown.com

Our customer rewards card earns you a 5% discount from the store price. Cropp is a retail concept for the young generation, tailored to the culture and lifestyle of urban youth. We are a fast-fashion brand, offering clothing for women, men, and adolescents. We also offer a wide selection of undergarments and accessories. New products and styles arrive every week, giving our clients the wealth of choice they need to distinguish themselves.
Denim Dream

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 555 125 37

E-mail kaubamajakas.denimdream@confusedenimdream.ee

homepage www.denimdream.com

Importers of well-known brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Diesel, Desigual, Pepe Jeans, MCS, Pierre Cardin, Tom Tailor jpm maaletoojad.
Laste Riidekapp

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 53003205

E-mail lasteriidekapp@confusegmail.com


Children's clothing choices are jackets, coats, overalls, pants, hats, gloves, skirts, dresses, blouses, shirts, underwear, nightwear, socks, tights, and more.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 61 08 783


homepage www.lindex.com

Lindex is one of Europe's leading fashion chains, with approximately 480 stores in 17 markets. Lindex businesss concept is to offer inspiring and affordable fashion to the fashion conscious woman. The assortment includes several different concepts within women's wear, kids' wear, lingerie and cosmetics. More than half of Lindex total assortment is made of more sustainable sources and Lindex is dedicated to reach 80 % by year 2020. 'We Make Fashion Feel Good ' is Lindex communication concept which clearly express what Lindex do and stand for. Lindex is part of the Finnish-listed Stockmann group. More information is available at www.lindex.com

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455968, 4455967

E-mail kaubamajakasmc@confusebaltikagroup.com

homepage www.montonfashion.com

Offers a client rewards program with discounts of 5%, 7% or 10% off the price of your purchases. Monton is an exciting high-quality fashion brand, which expresses global fashion trends in its own unique approach. Shop in a comfortable retail environment with an innovative manner of expression.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455962


homepage www.mosaic-fashion.com

MOSAIC is an international fashion brand, offering stylish and high-quality casual and professional clothing for both men and women, in addition cool and comfortable clothes for their children.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 58 438 313

E-mail kaubamajakas.mustang@confusedenimdream.ee

homepage www.denimdream.ee

Jeans, trousers, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, pull-overs, skirts, dresses, tops, blouses, belts, handbags, footwear, socks, hats.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4463660

E-mail info@confusepesuassortii.ee

homepage www.pesuassortii.ee

Premiere by Poldma

Business Hours 10:00-20:00


E-mail kaubamajakas.premiere@confusepoldma.ee

homepage www.denimdream.com


Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455952

E-mail kaubamajakas@confusere-reserved.ee

homepage www.re-reserved.com

Reserved is a classic fast-fashion clothier. It offers casual, smart-casual, and professional clothing for women, men, and children alike. Also available is a wide selection of undergarments and accessories.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 55511023

E-mail kaubamajakas@confusesokisahtel.net

homepage www.sokisahtel.net


Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455905

E-mail parnu.5107@confusetakko-fashion.ee

homepage www.takko.com

Takko is a store for the whole family, offering stylish and comfortable everyday clothing for women, men, and children. We also offer an assortment of accessories, including handbags, belts, hair accessories, jewelry, and more.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455923

E-mail kaubamajakas@confusetriumph.ee


For women and men: undergarments, nightwear, beachwear, tights, pantyhose, and socks.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455253


homepage www.baggage.ee

BAGGAGE offers a wide range of travel bags, luggage and accessories combining notable style with the latest design and the utmost attention to quality and durability.
NS King

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 60 30 358

E-mail info@confusensking.ee

homepage www.nsking.ee

NS King stores offer footwear in every size and color of leather or textile, with formal or classic, but always highly fashionable options for everyone’s taste and budget.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455920


homepage www.shushop.eu

Our products are assembled under the principle that high-quality, fashionable footwear should not require a limitless budget. This same philosophy is manifested in SHU’s own brand of shoes and boots made for men, women, and children.
The Bag

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455916

E-mail gasell@confusegasell.ee

homepage www.gasell.ee

At The Bag, we carry over 500 different products in stock at all times. Available brands include: PEARL leather handbags; MASTER leather briefcases; CONFIDENCE leather wallets for men and women; ELSA WALLS, DANIEL RAY, and ZARM artificial leather wallets and handbags; CHARTERS, BAGGAGE, and DELSEY luggage, sports bags and backpacks; ENRICO BENETTI sports bags; and RAINFLOWER umbrellas.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 44 56 070

E-mail kaubamajakas@confuseweekendshoes.ee

homepage www.weekendshoes.ee

Benu Apteek:

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455915, juhataja 56670027

E-mail papiniidu@confusekoduapteek.ee

homepage www.apteek1.ee

An open and modern pharmacy, friendly and helpful pharmacists, health products, food supplements and other pharmaceutical products. Professional medication advice, blood pressure measurement as necessary. Blood sugar, cholesterol, and hemoglobin readings taken as staff is available. For advanced registration, call 4455915 or e-mail papiniidu@confusekoduapdeek.ee. Measurement services are paid, with a maximum fee from €1 to €2.
Bio4You ökopood

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 4429390

E-mail kaubamajakas@confusebio4you.eu

homepage www.bio4you.eu


Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 445 5979

E-mail parnu@confuseeagle-vision.ee

homepage www.eagle-vision.ee

Eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, an optometrist, and eye doctor.
Ideaal Kosmeetika

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455926

E-mail ideaal.kaubamajakas@confuserenalko.ee

homepage www.ideaalkosmeetika.ee

Cosmetics, perfumes.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455955


homepage www.optiline.ee

Eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, prescription swimming goggles.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455965

E-mail parnu@confusesalonplus.ee

homepage www.salonplus.ee

Women’s, men’s, and children’s hairdresser and hair-care products.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 666 4666

E-mail info@confusechilli.ee

homepage www.chilli.ee

Chilli store at Kaubamajakas offers a large variety of beauty, health, fashion and home products, electronics and toys with a discount price up to 70%. In addition, the store provides a wide selection of adventurous gift ideas, which turn your gift making process into a pleasant and fun experience. You can also obtain your purchases you have made at Chilli’s online store: www.chilli.ee, from the store at Kaubamajakas.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 6512222


homepage www.euronics.ee

Euronics offers the newest technology solutions and the largest in-stock selection in Estonia for the home electronics aficionado.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4450065

E-mail parnu@confuseexpert.ee

homepage www.expert.ee


Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455991, 4455992

E-mail 1506@confusejysk.ee


JYSK is an international retail chain which has its roots in Denmark. In 1979. its owner and original founder dane Lars Larsen opened the first store. Jysk offers a wide and varied range of products, suitable for all seasons, everyday needs, and improvement of any room. Today JYSK is operating in 35 countries worldwide.In JYSK store you will find both indoor and outdoor furniture. There is a wide range of bed linen, high quality mattresses, pillows, duvets, and curtains. To create a special home atmosphere we offer to choose the necessary goods for home - various baskets, storage boxes, candles, vases, tableclothes, dishes etc.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 6668152

E-mail parnu@confuseklick.ee

homepage www.klick.ee

Computers, laptops, cameras, MP3 players, LCD televisions, games, computer peripherals, utilities, components, software.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone www.koduekstra.ee


homepage www.koduekstra.ee

Koduekstra has more than 17 000 products in its assortment to meet the needs of our demanding customers. Direct purchasing from the producers guarantees the uniqueness of the products and reasonable pricing. Koduekstra values its loyal customer offering them montlhy discounts. Becoming a member is easy – just get registered in the store and start using the benefits immediately.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 443 3644

E-mail parnu@confuseoomipood.ee



Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 522 3339

E-mail parnu@confuseyolo.ee


Mobile Cases and Screen Protectors

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 5553 0580

E-mail info@confuseexpressions.ee

homepage www.expressions.ee

Jewelry fashion, hair accessories, handbags, scarves, belts, etc.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455909

E-mail kaubamajakas@confusegoldtime.ee

homepage www.goldtime.ee

An abundance of jewelry and wristwatches.
Goldtime Classic:

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 51 79 830

E-mail kaubamajakas2@confusegoldtime.ee

homepage www.goldtime.ee

Precious accessories featuring gold, silver, precious stones, pearls, and wedding and engagement rings. Also featured are watch brands such as Skagen, Lorus, Fossil, and DKNY.
Ingridi Lill

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 4455929

E-mail pood@confuseforendum.ee


Houseplants, ceramics, glass, florist.
Kuld Artur

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455977

E-mail kaubamajakas@confusekuldartur.ee

homepage www.kuldartur.ee

A member of the Estonian Wristwatch and Gold Guild since 1995. All merchandise on sale for 5% off with a customer rewards card, in addition to monthly special offers. Silver jewelry 10% off with an NPNK Zone card. Precious metal and gemological services offered. Gold and silver jewelry, wristwatches, wall clocks, and alarm clocks.
Eesti Post

Business Hours E–R 10.00–20.00, L 10.00–18.00, P 10.00–16.00

telephone 661 6616

E-mail info@confuseomniva.ee

homepage www.omniva.ee

Postal services.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 6600600

E-mail elisa@confuseelisa.ee

homepage www.elisa.ee

Elisa branches offer everything that you need for communication: price plans and Internet access for mobile phones and computers, as well as various additional services. We sell a wide range of mobile phones, tablets, other devices and accessories. Elisa now also offers exciting cable channel packages and TV sets. If you live in a place with no cable access, you can select Elisa’s wireless television and Internet options. Simple! Elisa brings great entertainment and fast Internet to you at any time, at any place and on any screen. Visit any Elisa branch and choose what excites you!  
Eurexi Valuutavahetus

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455959

E-mail eurex@confuseeurex.ee

homepage www.eurex.ee

Currency exchange, cash withdrawals, foreign transfer services, investments in gold, counterfeit detection equipment.
Itella SmartPOST

Business Hours 9.00-22.00

telephone 43 54 540

E-mail info@confusesmartpost.ee

homepage www.smartpost.ee

The Itella SmartPOST self-service post and package services.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00




Pernau Pesukoda:

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4422091



Dry-cleaning services and laundromat.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455960


homepage www.kiosk.ee

Drinks, sweets, periodicals, fast food, lottery tickets, staple goods.

Business Hours E-R 10:00-18:00; L 10:00-15:00

telephone 6310310



Swedbank’s service professionals will help you find the right banking solution, whether for common banking needs or for savings plans and complex accounting problems. We help you decide how your time and money is put to use.
Tele 2

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 6866866 (üldinfo)


homepage www.tele2.ee

Services and mobile telephone sales from Tele2.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 5452 8822

E-mail parnu@confuseteletec.ee

homepage www.teletec.ee

Services for mobile phones.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 639 7130

E-mail info@confusetelia.ee

homepage www.telia.ee

Telia offers a wide range of telecommunication services, unique content and mobile, broadband and IT solutions for both personal and business customers. At our stores, you can receive advice or purchase mobile services (e.g., sign a Mobile-ID contract, change a voice plan, etc.), order a fixed internet connection, Teila TV or a landline phone service. In addition, you will find a wide range of smart phones, mobile phones, landline phones, TVs, decoders, laptops, desktops and tablets, internet appliances, GPS and leisure equipment and much more. You will find more information about Telia’s services and range of products at Telia’s homepage and webshop.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 698 9000

E-mail klienditeenindus@confuseviasat.ee

homepage www.viasat.ee

Viasat is the largest satellite digital television broadcaster in Estonia, providing access to a wide selection of TV-channels even in those areas where terrestrial signals or cable television are unavailable. The channels offered by Viasat include well-known international channels, Viasat channels created for local viewers (TV1000 film channels, Viasat Explorer, Viasat History, Viasat Sport Baltic, etc.), as well as the most popular Estonian channels. At our service centre located in the Pärnu Kaubamajakas Shopping Centre, current and future Viasat customers can get help and advice on all issues regarding Viasat services.
Võtmed ja kingsepp

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 55936364

E-mail votmekingsepp@confusegmail.com


Shoe repair and key-cutting services.
Juku Mänguasjakeskus

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4434037

E-mail juku.kaubamajakas@confusekotryna.ee

homepage www.jukukeskus.ee

XS mänguasjad

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4456620

E-mail parnu@confusexsmänguasjad.ee

homepage www.anvol.eu

Free membership in our client rewards program with a chip-enabled ID card, earning a 5% discounts on all regular-price merchandise. • If the sum of all your purchases since joining the program exceeds €200, you are automatically granted a 10% discount on all regular-price merchandise.Children’s toys and supplies.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 633 6020 E-R 09:00-17:00

E-mail info@confuseapollo.ee

homepage www.apollo.ee

In addition to monthly special offers, save 5% off of all your book and office-supply purchases by joining the Apollo customer rewards program. Kaubamajakas features Apollo’s newest location, where in addition to our wide selection of books, you will find a wealth of films, music, and electronic and board games. Apollo stores showcase practically all Estonian publishers, as well as several foreign publishers.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455975

E-mail jahipaun@confusejahipaun.ee

homepage www.jahipaun.ee

Firearms, ammo, hunting and fishing gear, camping gear, optics, knives, pyrotechnics, airsoft guns, longbow and crossbow sales.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 5307 8870


homepage www.petmarket.ee

Pet supplies - Sam´s Field, Carnilove, Brit, Trixie, Flexi, Vitagraft.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455999

E-mail parnu@confuserademar.ee

homepage www.rademar.ee

Rademar carries the finest selection of products for sports and active recreation. Among our offerings are quality sportswear and casual clothing, footwear, accessories, sports equipment, bicycles, and much more from the best suppliers of sporting goods. Featured brands: Adidas, Asics, Columbia, DC, Five Seasons, Icepeak, K2, New Balance, Nike, O’Neill, Peak Performance, Puma, Quicksilver, Reebok, Rollerblade, Roxy, Salomon, Trek, Umbro. Bicycle maintenance and repair offered.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone 4455933

E-mail kaubamajakas@confusesportland.ee

homepage www.sportland.ee

Sportswear and sports footwear, casual clothing and shoes, sports equipment, accessories.
BabyBack Ribs & BBQ

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 442 2023

E-mail kaubamajakas@confusebabyback.ee

homepage www.babyback.ee

Baby Back is the first American-style family restaurant in Estonia, which offers delicious BBQ and a truly American atmosphere. You will be treated as a long-awaited guest.
Boost Juice Bar

Business Hours 10:00-21:00



homepage www.boostjuicebars.ee

Boost Juice Bar offers healthy smoothies and juices that are all low fat and made of natural ingredients. Following a healthy died without making sacrifices on taste! All our smoothies and juices are not just nutritious, but super good. We are on a mission to make healthy living easier! LOVE LIFE! 
Cafe Peccadello

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 44 55927

E-mail lauri@confusepeccadello.ee

homepage www.peccadello.ee

Cafe Peccadello is a cosy eatery offering quality dishes. The menu has been put together considering different taste preferences. The cafe puts an emphasis on the lunch menu, confectionery and hand-made sweets. The characteristic colour of Cafe Peccadello is orange, which stimulates appetite and induces good thoughts. Everybody is welcome!

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 4427905


homepage www.chopsticks.ee

Chopsticks is a fast food restaurant with a rich menu specialised in Chinese and Asian cuisine. All Chopsticks' dishes are prepared on the spot from fresh raw material. Here, you will find a versatile choice of delicious vegetarian and various meat dishes in both milder and spicier versions. The prices of Chopsticks' dishes are very reasonable with daily specials offers. You may enjoy the exotic food on the spot or use the courier service for home deliveries.
Da Vinci Pasta & Pizza

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 4455237


homepage http://davincifood.ee/

Da Vinci Pasta and Pizza is a family restaurant in a fast casual style. It offers a wide selection of pastas, pizzas, salads, soups, appetizers and authentic hand-made Italian ice-cream.

Business Hours 9:00-22:00

telephone +372 58501209

E-mail parnu@confusehesburger.fi

homepage www.hesburger.fi

A family restaurant. Offers a selection of delicious burgers, healthy salads, wraps, tortillas, cold drinks and crispy French fries. Desserts offered include soft-serve ice cream and sweet rolls.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 5103698


homepage www.kohvilett.ee

Sushi de Luxe

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 58879958

E-mail parnu@confusesilk.ee


The menu comprises various dishes from Japanese and European cuisine. It offers a wide selection of Japanese beverages: beer, sake and the incredibly delicious plum wine. High-end food and service are the key features of Sushi de Luxe!

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 4463640

E-mail kaubamajakas@confusejuustukuningad.ee

homepage www.juustukuningad.ee

The Juustukungingad (Cheese Kings) shops offer a wide selection of cheeses – over 70 different types. You can taste any cheese in the shop. In addition to cheese the shop also provides various cheese accessories, for example, cheese sauces, jams and jellies, wines and beers, snacks, cheese knives, graters, etc. Wholesale, gift packages and orders: sales@confusejuustukuningad.ee
Pärnu Hyper RIMI

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 4475330

E-mail info.parnu@confuserimibaltic.com

homepage www.rimi.ee

Fresh produce, dry foods and cereals, drinks, alcohol, pet supplies, baby supplies, clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, periodicals and other staples and manufactured goods.
Tahkuranna Liha ja Suits:

Business Hours 10:00-20:00

telephone +372 5110335

E-mail info@confusevorstiwabrik.ee

homepage https://www.facebook.com/vorstiwabrik

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