How to find us?

The Kaubamajakas Shopping Center is located at Papiniidu 8/10, 80010 Pärnu. The exact location is shown on the shopping center map.

From the city center, Riia maantee is the easiest way to the shopping center. We are located at the intersection of Riia maantee and Papiniidu tänav, adjacent to the Mai residence. Fortunately, Kaubamajakas is so large that it is virtually impossible to miss.

You can also get to Kaubamajakas using the Pärnu city buses. From the town center, the following buses will bring you to us: 4, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 40.

You can find the bus schedules on the City of Pärnu’s home page.

If you are coming from Tallinn, simply turn onto Ehitajate tee, continue over Papiniidu Bridge, and you will immediately see the lights of the shopping center. Kaubamajakas is 700 meters from the bridge on the left. Coming from Riga, drive towards the city center along Riia maantee. The center is 2km from the city limits on the right-hand side. Coming from the area of Rakvere or Türi, turn onto Papiniidu Bridge. After the bridge, proceed 700 m, and Kaubamajakas will be on the left. Coming from Lihula, drive straight across the intersection with Tallinna maantee in the direction of Riga. Following Tööstuse tänav heading towards Riga, you will come directly to Papiniidu Bridge. After crossing the bridge, don’t be in too much of a hurry; the mall parking lot will be a left turn after only 700 m.
See you at Kaubamajakas!

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